• Complete range of all natural odor neutralizing sprays and absorbents.
  • Immediately eliminates problem odors in the home & business.
  • Not a perfume, no synthetic fragrances.
  • The mild floral aroma dissipates as odors are destroyed.
  • Made with earth friendly pure and natural ingredients.
  • Safe to use around kids and pets.
  • The world’s original odor neutralizer.
  • The most powerful and effective.
  • Proven for over 25 years.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Factory direct low prices.
  • Volume Discounts.
  • Made in the USA.
  • A family business since 1988.

All Natural Odor Neutralizer For Serious Odor Problems.

Natures Neutralizer manufactures a range of All Natural Odor Eliminating products for customers with serious odor control requirements. Our customers include:

  • Building property managers who handle large volumes of trash or food waste.
  • Property owners who have issues with bathrooms, sewer drains, kitchen waste, water - fire - smoke damage, odors from carpet or fabrics and tobacco smells.
  • Pet owners wishing to manage odors or clean up messes caused by pets or pests.
  • Operators of Auto, RVs or Commercial Vehicles with problem odors.
  • Medical Marijuana Consumers.
  • Patients or Caregivers managing sickness, incontinence, hospice, etc.
  • Athletes, Gym Managers, Kindergarten Providers managing equipment and facilities.
  • Home owners looking to create a non-stale, clean freshness to their main and private living areas.

What is Nature's Neutralizer?

When sprayed into the air or applied onto surfaces Nature's Neutralizer immediately and permanently eliminates problem odors using a proven & completely natural process. Does your current air freshener now remind you of the problem you were trying to eliminate in the first place? Not a perfume, no synthetic fragrances, its mild natural aroma quickly dissipates as it actually absorbs and destroys odors.

Nature's Neutralizer is made with only pure all-natural plant extracts. It complies with important safety guidelines. It is non-irritating and non-allergenic. It is biodegradable, earth friendly and ecologically harmless. A world original, for over 25 years, Nature's Neutralizer has enjoyed widespread success. Often imitated by others, its unique quality and performance has never been surpassed.