Tobacco Smoke Neutralizer 8 Oz

Get rid of tobacco, cigarette and cigar odors from your home, office, car and even your clothes.

Nature’s Neutralizer Tobacco Smoke Odor Neutralizer will immediately remove tobacco, smoke and cigarette odors using our all-natural process. Spray in the air, use directly on clothes, sofas, curtains and car and furniture upholstery to allow Nature’s Neutralizer to absorb and destroy the strong smell of tobacco products. Use as a wipe down solution on hard surfaces, counter tops, furniture and cabinets to clean off smoke residue. Spray directly into air conditioning intake vents to eradicate the cigarette smoke coming from vents in your car, home or office. The mild citrus / cedar aroma of Nature’s Neutralizer will dissipate as odors are actually removed, not masked - leaving a neutral odor balance.

Nature’s Neutralizer is All-Natural, Biodegradable and Earth Friendly. It’s Safe to use around kids and pets, contains only food grade natural ingredients and is available at factory direct prices.
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Tobacco Smoke Neutralizer 8 Oz

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Spray into the air as required during and after use. Keep doors and windows closed after application for approximately 10 minutes to allow the odor neutralizer to be most effective.

Lightly apply onto fabrics, sofas, curtains and upholstery and leave to dry.

Spray onto hard surfaces and use as a wipe down solution to cut through and clean off smoke residue.

Not a personal deodorant, do not spray directly onto skin.

Shake well before use.


POWERFUL! Just a few squirts immediately and permanently eliminates problem household odors.

NOT JUST A FRAGRANCE! Its mild natural aroma gradually dissipate as it absorbs and destroys odors.

PURE, SAFE & EARTH FRIENDLY! Made from pure natural plant extracts. OK to use around Kids & Pets.

THE ORIGINAL ODOR NEUTRALIZER! Proven since 1988, works better and is safer than all other imitations.


Nature's Neutralizer is made with only pure all-natural plant extracts.

When sprayed into the air or onto surfaces it eliminates problem odors using a proven & completely natural process.

It has been independently tested and complies with important safety guidelines. It is biodegradable, water soluble, non-flammable, non-irritant, non-allergenic and ecologically harmless.

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